Tuesday, February 11, 2014

monterey---part one...

A few weeks ago after dealing with well, life in general, I decided I needed an escape. Just some breathing room, an escape from routine. Unfortunately a vacation isn't exactly in the cards for me or my wallet but I remembered I had those handy credit card points collecting...ding ding ding...a hotel was in my cards. Monterey was the destination. It's only about 2.5 hours away and by far one of my favorite little towns. 

We packed it up and headed for another road trip. 

 ^^She crashed quickly^^

We arrived to the prettiest hotel with the most amazing view. Someone was beyond excited to be staying in a hotel...her, not me. Well I was too. But it was a first for Makena which made it even more exciting for this momma's heart. 

^^View to the left of our patio^^

^^Cannery Row was the view to the right^^

We wondered the beach and searched for Ariel...of course we didn't find her because she's not supposed to come up to the surface...but the ocean through a three year old's eyes. A new experience. A memory made.

It's what I live for.

If I could travel around and be in a little bubble with just my girl and I...I would. Hands down I could live life just exploring with her in momma mode.

 ^^How can you not visit the candy store while on vacation^^

We'll be back for more of our adventure tomorrow!

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