Friday, February 7, 2014

bikes and beaches...

Back when we took our road trip we took a detour on our way home for a pit stop at the beach...

You can't go to SoCal without seeing the ocean...right? So Venice beach it was. 

I decided what better way to see the beach and the strip than by bike? Bikes it was...

First, let me tell you...I hadn't ridden a bike in YEARS. Second, I for sure haven't rode a bike with a child on the back...and yes I clearly pictured me being that mom falling off a bike with my baby attached...not cool, at all---and I've really seen that happen, the LAST time I rode a bike.

But we held it together and had a BLAST.

We biked thru Venice Beach and stopped along the way, listened to the sounds, took in the sights, breathed in the fresh beach air. Ahhhh...take me to the beach any day and I'd be a happy gal. I need more beach in my life...we need more beach in our life.

Beach. Bikes. Sun. Fresh air. Palm Trees. Sand...Yes please, give us more.

Our whole adventure was unplanned and spontaneous just the way I want life to be in the future...

Simple, relaxed, happy, fun...carefree.

Obviously that's not reality, I have responsibilities. But I think we can get a little more beach and a little more adventure mixed in with all the serious life stuff.

Happy Friday to ya!

We're off for an adventure with Auntie Jess to find snow this weekend!

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