Friday, August 26, 2011

customer love...

I've met a few SWEET friends here in the bloggy world. This friend has/is becoming a REAL life friend! Meet Steph...over at Baca Ohana. We've been emailing buddies for a while now..she's become my go to gal to vent! We're texters...we soon may make it even more official with a Skype date...(she'll be my first...blush) We both have sweet little baby girls about the same age....We've decided that Annabelle and Makena are BFFs...(just like we are...) She doesn't know it yet but one day Makena and I will be planning a vacation to play...or vise versa...(She's excited...I know it)

Meet sweet Annabelle and her momma Steph:

Cute right...I know.

Any who...Steph did a sweet little post over at her blog about me and my etsy shop. Her little lady showed some cute customer love:

Too stinkn' cute right!?


Thanks again Steph...Be sure to check out Baca Ohana


Samantha @ Moody Mama said...

How sweet!

Steph said...

bloggy bffs for life!

Susan said...

How cool! And yes...stinkin' cute for sure.
Stopping by from the weekend blog hop.

Anonymous said...

So adorable!!!
Thanks for stopping by and linking up! I'm following you back!


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