Friday, February 17, 2012


Is unexpected.

 I know you can plan for things to be a certain way...
The currents of the water will flow in your favor
But when you least expect it,
It all can suddenly change. 

We get caught up in planning and thinking and dreaming about how life is supposed to be.
But how is it really going to be?
I've learned you can have high expectactions and dream big or even small...
and it may just not be that way.

Over a year my life took turns and twists that I did not plan or see.
Things have happened to people I know...
Paths cross when you least expect.

My husband left me two and half months after giving birth to our very planned for child.
I spent an entire year of trying and holding on to the life I planned.
Only to finally realize it's happening for a reason.
It's teaching me lessons on life.
I'm learning who I am.
 I've learned to love more. Trust easily. And forgive even when someone may not deserve.
I've turned negative into positive.

People loose babies. Families fall apart. Healthy people have strokes. Mutiple Sclerosis happens. Realtionships crumble. Depression can make you miss out on life. Friendships are easily destroyed over something so silly.

You never know who's life is harder.

But then the unexpected happens.


You live it.

You pick yourself up and create new dreams.
You open yourself up to new possibilities.

Your struggles become less hard. You stretch you pennies farther. You become a better momma.

You appreciate the ones around you.
Friendships you didn't think could become stronger do.
Family bonds become tighter.
Paths cross with someone you'll least expect. And a connection will be made.

You'll then decide how much you can give. How much your heart can take.
You'll live more happily. Peaceful. Calmly.
Only because you know life can take a turn at any moment.

We all need to slow down.
Stop planning.
Live life.
Take chances.
Be open to new friendships.
Don't let one pass you by.
Listen to the music.
Stop and smell the flowers.

Live in the moment.


Ashley said...

Unfortunately sometimes we have to go through the bad so we can really appreciate all the good when it comes along.

Jill said...

Yes indeed! Only God knows our life plan. And at times, the road traveled is definitely tough. You are doing an awesome job Dani!


Kiara Buechler said...

This is so good.

Can I tell you that every time I read about your husband leaving when Chick was 2 1/2 months old I want to hunt him down and wring his neck? Grrrr. Sorry, but I had to get that out there this once.

Steph said...


Katie said...

I just found you through Casey's link up and I'm so glad I did! I love this post and I'm excited to explore your blog more. I really needed to hear this today. I've been stressed out about things literally years in the future.

New follower :)

Anonymous said...

Great words, mama. So true. Through all of this you're teaching your little one what life is all about.

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