Thursday, March 1, 2012

a year and a half...

How did this happen...

 My girl turned a year and a half yeaterday and I really am at a loss for words...
Seriously people...
This is just nuts:
 She's becoming her own little person now. Full of personalitly. She laughs at herself. Talks...lord does she talk. She has new words daily. She's understanding EVERYTHING now.
"Makena, do you want to eat?" "NO"
Makena, do you want to go ni-night?" "NO"
 She has a kind soul...a sweet side.
She has fiesty side and an attitude.
She can get angry. But she can be so happy.
She throws her tantrums and a minute later acts like nothing is wrong.
She snuggles only when she wants.
She's independent but still wants her momma close.
She's a helper.
She's my heart...My love...My life...


Noelani said...

She is adorable :)

Emma Tausendschön said...

What a cute girl.... She is soo sweet.
True words from a momma!!! <3

Lovely greetings from Germany, Marielle

Steph said...

crazy how fast it goes by isnt it!?

Amanda said...

I love your blog and that we have a mutual friend<3 If you have a minute I tagged you in a fun post-

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