Monday, October 8, 2012

then they danced...

Well before we danced, we drove, got lost, froze, tripped in our heals, drank some adult beverages, spilled our life stories (me more so than her), took pictures, drank a few more beverages, talked to uncool randoms, then WE DANCED.

Oh...I didn't mention who took part in this lovely adventure??

Lindsay...From LeeLaLa

Ahhhhh! I met a REAL life!

This gal is seriously my long lost BFF. We have sooooo much in common. Good and bad. We found each other through blogging, obviously. I had followed her for quite some time and I had noticed someone commenting on my own blog...showing mucho support and love. I finally went and investigated who this lovely girl was Linds...LeeLaLa...what! She reads MY blog!? Crazy.

We relate in soooo many ways. We're both mommas, most importantly. We're both going through divorce. We're both trying to find our place in this crazy world. We both doubt ourselves but we both feel this crazy, "I can do anything in the world" kind of strength and power. We instantly connected. We only spent a few short hours together and it was pure magic! I know she has truly became a very dear friend. I cannot wait to spend more time together. She's in SoCal, I'm in NorCal...both fantastic vacation spots! Many more visits will be on the horizon...and our babies and can BFFs too! Magical!

Lindsay came to San Francisco for business and could I pass an opportunity to meet this lovely! I only live 45 minutes from San Francisco...But I never really go out to the city unless it's visiting family or sightseeing....So our adventure began...

 Our first stop...well after being lost a few times was Union Square...Who doesn't want to see a 6 story Macy's?? They also have a bar in there...because shopping causes some to drink...ha...we actually went to that bar and didn't even shop!
That's us...
Cute right??
 Strike a pose...
 Seriously though...
How cute and fun does she look!
I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me...
 San Francisco love and representin' the Giants!

I told you we danced...
We really danced.
 I love her and miss her soooooo much already!

Have you all met bloggy friends is real life??
I love it!
Love her!

Some how I just know our friendship will blossom. We may not see each other often or talk often...But I truly believe this lovely has got my back and I hope she knows I've got hers!

Love you Linds!


Lindsay said...

Oh the ways I love you... xoxo

The Home Payge said...

I'd skip shopping and hit the bar also:)I'd much rather sip on a Chilton and people watch! Following you back:)

Roni @HomePayge blog

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