Tuesday, June 11, 2013

strawberry summers...

With summer here and a toddler in tow...there are lots of fun things to be had...

First up was a trip to pick strawberries....this was actually our second attempt.

First attempt...FAIL.

Second attempt...SUCESS! 

Our first attempt was on a drive back home from the Bay Area...I got the idea in my head to pick strawberries and when momma has an idea we go full force. I pull out my phone and google "strawberry picking" find a cute little farm....set google maps...and DRIVE.

We drive...chick is fast asleep in the back seat and I'm stoked to wake her up when we pull up to the strawberry fields...Only when I pull up there's a sign that says....CLOSED. Heartbreaking for this momma. Thankfully she's still asleep. I google map our way home, little miss wakes up with strawberries on her mind. Poor girl disappointed to the max. I promise I'll take her another day...

This kid...has a memory like no other. She can remember things, big or small, important or not... You promise her strawberry picking, you better live up to it or you'll never stop hearing about it. It's amazing how something so small can be so huge to this little girl.

So being a person who keeps their word and not wanting to go crazy with a little person constantly asking when we're going....I google again. This time finding a field in our city. We drive. And arrive!

Strawberry success.

We only spent about 45 minutes there exploring, pointing out the big, ripe red may have been extra hot that day and she may have had a few melt downs when she stepped in mud...or squeezed a strawberry too hard while pulling it. But happy this girl was. How proud she was of her strawberries.  Which made a peaceful ride home snacking on fresh berries.

Summers from here on out are going to be extra fun with a little one eager to explore and try new things. You see all over Pinterest "summer bucket lists" I think it's about time we get our construction paper and markers out and make ours...Of course she's only 2.5 and won't remember most of it...but we can make summer traditions and make memories...

Here's to strawberry summers!


Carly said...

aw, so glad you found a field!!!


Lindsay said...

How fun Dani :) Love you two.

Natalie Blair said...

What a little cutie! Now I am craving strawberries!

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