Wednesday, August 7, 2013

farmer's market...

Nothing says a summer tradition for Makena and I than hitting our local farmer's market...

Chick and I have been hitting this spot since she was itty's just become our thing.

Her and I.

There's something special about traditions, laying out a blanket at a park, strolling to get fresh fruit, listening to live music and being in the moment with my girl. She ran around and played, we laughed and oh we danced. She's all about the music these days, she's all about busting a move. It's amazing to see life through an almost three year olds eyes---kid wants to dance, she'll do it anywhere, no shame. And she always wants a dancing partner---"dance with me momma, spin me around" how can I say no to that? You better believe I was that momma dancing with my girl in a crowd of people.

This girl is only going to be little for so long and only going to want to dance with her momma for so long before it might become embarrassing, so these moments, these days---this momma will gladly put down my pride and bust those moves with this chick.

She's turning three in a few weeks and is constantly testing my patience, figuring out her boundaries and's all part of her age, of growing up. I often remind myself---she's only two! She's beyond smart, she carries conversations like a big kid...but she's still a baby...I tend to loose myself in that. 

That night as she played and ate an entire basket of strawberries I found myself laying out on our blanket, under a tree just thinking...just being in the moment. Listening to the sounds, the music, my girls laughter. Creating memories with her is so important...but being in the moment, raising her is even more important.

She deserves the world and more and it's my job to give her what she needs, raise her right. She's a perfect little girl...with a little bit of sass and so much love...I think I'm doing right by her and this look and these days reassure me that all is well in her little world...

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kendra may said...

so adorable. It is those moments where we stop and take a second to just think about our surroundings that life becomes sweeter :)

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