Friday, September 27, 2013

in a nutshell...

Making : mental life to-do lists...
Cooking : a lot of PB&J''s not exactly cooking but little chick is obsessed.
Drinking : wine...yes sir.
Reading: i have many books started and would like to start this one.
Wanting: a vacation, desperatly.
Looking: forward to fall festivities.
Playing: a lot of "you be the baby and I'll be the momma..." life with a three year old.
Wasting: time thinking of "what ifs"
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: for someone to make a fast recovery.

 Enjoying: "I missed you mommy" as she hugs me.
Waiting: for a normal schedule.
Liking: hearing about my girl's day..."what did you learn at school today" "toys, I learned toys..."
Wondering: what the future has in store for us.
Loving: life, as complicated and crazy as it is.
 Hoping: to one day run a half marathon. then maybe a full.
Marvelling: that I've been a momma for 3 years...that she's 3.
Needing: sleep.
Smelling: the fresh air tonight.
Wearing: this outfit, MTV...that shirt...yes please.
 Following: any fitness instagram that looks inspiring
Noticing: the days getting shorter.
Knowing: time flies by way too fast.
Thinking: too much.
Feeling: overwhelmed.
 Bookmarking: holiday crafts.
Opening: mail.

Giggling: a lot and a little.

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