Thursday, July 17, 2014

mother's day....

Happy Mother's Day to you....two months ago. Sorry about that.  Leave it to me to be behind on all the good moments. I get caught up in the big, happy, memory making moments. I lock them up in my big ol' momma heart when I should be documenting the days, the moments, the details. 

So yes, Mother's Day happened...the day after my birthday actually. So we celebrated indeed.  We celebrated me being a momma, her momma...

We packed up a picnic and headed to San Francisco's Bakers Beach for sun, fun, ocean and views for days. My sister joined in on the day and made it that much more perfect.

Life as a momma isn't easy, kids challenge you, you challenge yourself. You second guess everything, you wonder if you're every move is the right move. Nothing ever seems perfect....but it's perfect enough. There are melt downs about brushing teeth and bedtime...but there are smiles and out of the blue "I love you's," there are challenging moments but there are even better happy moments.

There are days like this day where you want it to last, where you wish you could freeze time. Where even though you ended the day with her maybe having an accident and stripping her down in the parking lot, carrying her nakey back to the car and not having a change of stressful as it was still perfect. Beyond perfect.

My life as a momma isn't sunshine and's working two jobs and going to school, its trying my best, it's stressful and tiring. It's a constant battle of being pulled in a million directions. It's getting her dressed and her baby dolls. It's singing "Let It Go" a million times over and over and over full blast in the car. It's finding balance and finding's knowing I'm doing my best and it all doesn't have to be perfect.

So Happy Mother's Day to you...because everyday should be celebrated.

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