Friday, December 7, 2012

a little rock and roll..

So lately, on my journey to finding me, who I am...I'm having a grand time getting dressed and expressing myself through what I wear. Is that strange? Nah...I didn't think so. But by golly I'm lovin' my closet these days. I like a little sophistication with a little funk...well maybe a lot of funk.

I've put myself on a major budget these days as part of getting my life back on track and getting back to the top of my game...regaining control. So shopping is just not happening anymore. Sadly. But before I cut the shopping out I made a last hoorah and found these AMAZING pants at the JCrew outlet store...Hello leopard, you make my heart happy. Like really happy. Pants, if I could sing to you with a semi decent voice I would...I so would.

And uhhhh.... jean vest, what am I like eight? Jean vests and jackets are coming back into style. Hell to the yes...

So we have...leopard melt my heart pants, a rockin' jean vest with a simple baseball tee. Whoa...I'm in love. How can an outfit make me so happy? Oh and who doesn't hang out in a skate park without a skateboard thingy...I do, and it's totally cool and norm. Get with it yo...


Lindsay said...

A little edgy and funky! LOVE IT :) Those shoes are amazing!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love this! You're gorgeous!

xo, Emily

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