Thursday, March 14, 2013

sacramento children's museum...

We've lived here for a little over a month now and since we've got LOTS of spare time and staying home drives us...or ME, bonkers, I've been trying to find activities to keep Makena socialized and me sane. A few weeks ago we ventured off to the zoo, the other day we found the Sacramento Children's Museum. It was fun for Kenny boo...kept her busy and the price was right.

I know she misses school and having little friends, constantly learning and exploring. So I need to keep her active. I'm thankful for this time as well...she's at this crazy age of taking the world in and reminding her momma to slow down and appreciate everything this life...this age has to offer.

Soon I'll be back to work, hopefully. She'll be back in school. As much as being home all day drives me nuts...I'll miss this time. I'll miss everything about being home and being a "stay at home momma."

I think in life, we take advantage of things, of people, of feelings...I never knew the true meaning of life until I became her momma. It went on an entire different page when I became a single momma. This life you has so much to offer. You have so much to offer in your own life. Chase dreams. Let your life become exactly what you want it to be. I took a chance on a "new life" by moving. I'm slowly chasing dreams. I'm gaining ground on where I feel I need to be.  I no longer live my life solely for myself....I have this little person depending on me...She makes me strive for better, to live this life to it's full potential.

You don't have to have some crazy experience or have a child to want to live a better life. Do it for you. Slow down in life. Live it...fully live it. Breath in this world. I believe all things happen for a reason. It's taken me a long time to realize, understand and appreciate it and why the many things in my life have happened. But whatever the reasons are, they've brought me to this place, this time...this moment of being able to be with my daughter everyday. I'm meant to be with her, in this life, in this moment.

It's crazy to think we only have one life. One day at a time. It's crazy how fast things change. One day you're married, the next you're not. One day you're driving down the freeway the next you've been in an accident. One day you've living on your own...then next you pack up and move. Everything I've been through, it's brought me to where I am now...where I'm going. It's brought me to the moment in time where I'm content...comfortable....happy.

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