Friday, May 16, 2014

a recap...

Remember the days when I used to blog daily? 

Me either. Sadness. I actually miss it. So lets all come back to this place, shall we? Good...let start. 

The other day I was catching up on a few blogs that I follow and Jenny from Story Of My Life, did a post of life currently in bullet point format...I liked that. So this is how I'll east back into my blogging, after all, it's been over a month since my last post...lot's has happened in our little world.


This is us:

-That was on Easter in Sacramento, we had brunch on the Delta King. Egg hunts at home. Good day.
-I finished my first quarter of college...did you know?
-Now I'm in my second quarter...crazy how that works.
-I switched from night school to days and I got two new jobs. Yes, two.
-So, I never have a day off. That's a lot of fun.
-I did Tough Mudder.
-I learned after doing Tough Mudder that I'm not in shape and I'm more terrified of water than I thought.
-So I've started working out again...Thanks Tough Mudder.
-Little lady got bangs. I cute.
-She has little preschool's the sweetest thing ever. I see my future with a teenager, surrounded by a bunch of very dramatic, chatty me.
-She learned how to write her name. Beyond awesome. 3.5=genius.
-Mother's Day was celebrated. In San Francisco. At the beach. Perfect.
-I turned 30.
-Yes, 30....the BIG 30. How'd that happen? Whoa.
-I celebrated the day with my little girly, pottery painting, dinner and snugs. It was good. Really good.
-Life is good. Busy. Productive. Good.

Here's to more blogging.

Happy Friday...Have a fab weekend.

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jasmine nile said...

beautiful child ,,,,,,,,,,

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